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Why Vendor Should Support AIIM's CIP Program

AIIM just relaunched the Certified Information Professional (CIP) Program...CIP Cuts Internal Training Costs Having CIP certification means that the individual already understands the basics of being a Certified Information Professional

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The information professional's letter to Santa

Chill pills for me to save my sanity – or at the very least, permission to take a Certified Information Professional exam prep class so I can earn a credential that tells the world I know what I'm doing Thank you, Santa, and drive carefully!

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Information Architecture, the CIP, and SharePoint: Kevin Parker, Member of the Week

He is an ECM and SharePoint Specialist and also a Certified Information Professional (CIP)...Duhon: You’ve recently become a Certified Information Professional ; what’s your view of this new certification from AIIM?

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Oh the irony! CIA invests in cloud-based collaboration; maybe you should too?

Cloud computing is one of the many key concepts covered by the Certified Information Professional exam

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Why I Am Excited To Take The CIP Exam

Each job I've had since then been a stepping stone to my preparation for the Certified Information Professional Exam

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Survey shows CIP = more money!

What we found was the following: 64 percent of business executives would prefer to hire a Certified Information Professional (CIP) versus a non-certified candidate. 76 percent of business executives would pay a CIP a salary premium

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