5 Steps to (False) Indispensability

By Steve Weissman posted 04-26-2012 11:09


Want to make sure you always have work to do, and thus a long list of reasons your company should never let you go? Just follow these simple steps and you'll have all the overwork, backbiting, and corporate visibility you could ever want:

  1. Treat symptoms, not diseases. Don't rethink processes when you can continually clear logjams.
  2. Dictate, don't collaborate. Don't bother to solicit input because you know better than anyone what’s going on and what needs to be done about it.
  3. Buy technology according to best price, not best fit. Since all scanners are basically the same, it doesn't matter whose you get as long as you get a good deal.
  4. Base project calendars on how fast you think tasks can be completed, not how long they usually take. People will inventory and classify all your records just as well in a week as in a month if that's all the time you give them.
  5. Report only forward progress, never challenges or setbacks. No one likes a complainer, so keep issues to yourself, and repeat Steps 1 and 2 as necessary to keep things moving.

If you know better than to fall into these traps and would like to be recognized for your proficiency, consider becoming a Certified Informational Professional! View some training videos here, or round up a group and take a class now.

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