Advanced Guide


Reply: Use this feature to reply to a thread. Your response will appear at the bottom of the thread, indicating that it is the most recent response.

Reply privately: Use this feature to send a private message to the sender of the post.

Mark as inappropriate: Use this feature to mark a post as inappropriate and to be reviewed by the Community Manager.


Edit signature: You can edit the signature that appears on each of your posts by going to your profile settings.

Library Entries


Follow: Click on the star to “follow” an item. This is a great way to save an item you want to come back to. All items you follow will now show up under your profile under “My Connections.”

Recommend: Use this tool to show others that this is a great resource. You can even click on the number next to “Recommend” to see who specifically recommends it.

Download/Download All: Use these tools to download one or all of the files attached in a library entry.


Use the Register Now button to register an event.

Click Download to Your Calendar to download it onto your computer’s calendar and save the details there.

Click More Information on the bottom of the event to see the event’s external information page (this will take you outside the community).