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Digital Landfill Blog

  • Wouldn’t it be nice to hear first-hand, from one of your peers, about the Intelligent Information Management technologies and tools that they have applied in the real world to accomplish a specific digital transformation goal?
  • Capture? Haven’t we been doing this for years and years? Well…yes and no. Yes, organizations have been scanning paper into digital archives for a long time. And for 72% of organizations, scanning paper is still the most important part of their information capture strategy. The continued importance of simply getting rid of the paper is not just a function of laggard organizations; the struggle...
  • I've been thinking a lot lately about the role of solution providers in the information management industry, specifically as applied to education and professional development. In this post I am focusing on the members of solution providers’ staff that are marketing to customers, selling to customers, acting as the voice of the customer, and implementing and supporting customers...

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  • Posted in: Brazil

    O primeiro passo para a Transformação Digital é a a captura de eventuais objetos ainda analógicos e inseri-los ...

  • Posted in: AIIM Open Forum

    Thanks for the tip Lorne. I'm not really familiar with APQC but I will make sure to do some reading. ...

  • Posted in: AIIM Open Forum

    Hi Pieter, This seems like an excellent question to pose in the APQC realm, given their greater ...

  • Posted in: AIIM Open Forum

    Hi, We are a non commercial research center. There are a lot of projects both in fundamental and applied ...

  • Posted in: AIIM Open Forum

    I agree with Lorne and Susan.  The Info Governance folks needs policy compliance, auditing and enforcement ...

  • Posted in: AIIM Open Forum

    Another scenario is to use SP/O365 for collaboration only, connected to a RM instance of e.g. OpenText. ...

  • Posted in: AIIM Open Forum

    Timothy, In my experience, if you're wanting/needing to do proper records management , versus ...

  • Posted in: AIIM Open Forum

    ​ Aloha AIIM Members, Interested in what add-on applications information professionals are using ...

  • Posted in: AIIM Open Forum

    Having seen a couple of organizations first-hand where the IM/IG/RM functions reported to legal/general ...

  • Posted in: AIIM Open Forum

    ​Rob - I respectfully disagree with you somewhat.  I think that the IG function has to work hand in ...


  • Call for Nominations to the AIIM Board of Directors

    The 150,000-subscriber community of AIIM seeks motivated and talented individuals to serve on the Board of Directors for a three-year term beginning on January 1, 2020. If you -- or people you know -- are committed to the Intelligent Information Management ... More

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