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  • Posted in: AIIM Open Forum

    We are operating in several countries and have automated disposition. We have chosen that each document ...

  • Posted in: CIP Study Group

    Hi all, The correct answer here is #1. #2 is one I see a lot - something like "upgrading our [process|system|training] ...

  • Posted in: AIIM Open Forum

    Here are the top 3 discussions from last week. Do you think you can help answer someone's question or ...

  • Posted in: AIIM Open Forum

    Agree with other points made here, specifically:  Don't spend energy renaming the files.  Folks ...

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  • Posted in: AIIM Open Forum

    We do periodically monitor the retention queues to see if anything is delayed, fortunately so far a reminder ...

  • Posted in: AIIM Open Forum

    Thanks Klayton, it's great to hear about your experiences doing with automated disposition. It's good ...

  • Posted in: AIIM Open Forum

    Hi Eric, We are not as advanced in our retention as some others here, but here are a couple of things ...

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