CIP and Continuing Education

By Jesse Wilkins posted 02-23-2012 12:05


One of the key differentiators between a formal certification and other types of activities like certificate programs is the requirement to recertify. This requirement can generally be filled in one of two ways: either the certified professional can take the then-current exam periodically (which presumably is being updated regularly), or the professional can do continuing education in the areas covered by the exam. 

Most certifications offer a framework for continuing education and the Certified Information Professional (CIP) is no different. CIPs are required to document 45 contact hours of continuing education over the course of a three-year period and must also pay a maintenance fee of $75 for AIIM members or $150 for non-members for that same period. 

So what types of events qualify for CIP credits? Basically any event or activity that is educational in nature, regardless of whether it's an AIIM event, another association's event, or even a vendor's event. Purely social events such as cocktail hours or meet & greets do not count, but a vendor demo of a new product, an ARMA meeting, or developing a presentation for the AIIM conference would all satisfy the educational requirements. 

One CIP education credit is awarded for each hour of educational activity. For example, attendees of the AIIM 2012 conference will receive 13.0 credits for the conference; if any of them attend the preconference workshops, they will receive 6.5 credits for those. 

In order for CIPs to request credits, we have provided a form on the AIIM website. For AIIM events, it is enough to simply list the event attended and we will confirm that attendance in our back-end systems. For non-AIIM events, CIPs must document attendance and that the event addressed one or more areas covered by the exam. The form also includes a number of examples of activities that would qualify. 

Anyone with questions as to whether a particular activity or event is covered is encouraged to contact

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