The information professional's letter to Santa

By Steve Weissman posted 12-18-2012 11:50


Dear Santa:

How are you? I hope you had a nice vacation since last year and that all your reindeer are doing well.

I have tried very hard to be a good information professional and hope I am on your “nice” list for next week. If it isn't too much trouble, I would like it if these things were under the tree next Tuesday:

  • A T-shirt that says "Information technology is about business problem-solving: the rest is just details"
  • The special remote control from that Adam Sandler movie so I can slow down time and think about things before I have to make a decision
  • A strategy for using less paper everywhere except the bathroom
  • The flash-thingie from “Men in Black” so I can erase people’s memories of prior projects gone awry, and get on with doing this next one right
  • Chill pills that I can give our senior managers, who feel compelled to rush after every shiny new technology regardless of its relevance to us
  • Chill pills that I can give our users, who are always badgering me to make things easier to use, or to let them bring in the devices they use at home, or to fix their SharePoint site – which I didn't even know they had!
  • Chill pills for me to save my sanity – or at the very least, permission to take a Certified Information Professional exam prep class so I can earn a credential that tells the world I know what I'm doing

Thank you, Santa, and drive carefully!


- Me

#BusinessProcessManagement #CIP