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ECM Übernahmen & Investments im Dezember 2018

Der Monat Dezember 2018 war in Bezug auf die ECM-Branche in Deutschland sehr ereignisreich. Da war zunächst der Verkauf von SER an den Finanzinvestor Carlyle ( Keine Angst, es geht weiter wie bisher. Nur das bisherige Management geht und macht sich mit dem Geld einen...

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Taps ‘n’ Apps: Craft Beer Meets the Cloud

Anyone who’s been paying attention lately, or who has met me in person, knows that I’m fairly passionate about Information Management and Craft Beer. Depending on the day, my passion for one is slightly higher than my passion for the other. What does one have to do with the other? I’m glad you...

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Supercharge your internal support with social collaboration

The benefits of providing self-service, community-oriented support to customers and partners in an externally-facing context are broadly recognised - helping to improve the level and speed of service that people have access to, while reducing calls to the helpdesk and lowering organisational...

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So many collaboration tools, so little time

What collaboration technology is used within your organisation? It's highly unlikely that you will be able to answer this question with just one word. "Collaboration" means so many different things to different people, and as a result most of us use several - or even many -...

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Solution Success Means User Adoption

Of all the measures of success for information management solution implementations, there is one critical success factor that stands above the rest: user adoption. In other words, your solution is only successful if it is actually used by the people in your organization. User Adoption in...

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2 ways better collaboration helps improve employee engagement

One of the greatest benefits of improving collaboration within your organisation is the positive impact on employee engagement, but the hype and overuse of both these terms - "collaboration" and "employee engagement" - means that it's not always obvious quite what this means in practical...

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Socialising the innovation process

When organisations are considering investing in social collaboration tools, one of the use cases that often appeals most to senior executives is idea management, and the prospect of crowd-sourcing new and exciting business opportunities simply by making the process of capturing and...

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Let's get together! Why integration is the key in social collaboration

Earlier this week, I published a blog outlining my top 5 social collaboration vendor trends for 2016 , with number #4 focused on the continued investment by collaboration vendors in providing integration with other technologies, in three particular areas: It's an area of...