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  • Quick question: What’s your business’s most prized asset? Is it a tangible asset, like a high-rise building in an upmarket area? Is it owning groundbreaking high-tech tools? What about your inventory, cash, or cash equivalents? In today’s knowledge economy, it's knowledge assets that are vital to a company’s growth. When you think about it, knowledge assets are more important than tangible...
  • The phrase "the art of the possible" can mean different things to different people. For those of us in the information management business, it has come to mean "achieving what we can (possible), rather than what we want (often impossible)." For me, it's an optimistic view of the future rather than a fearful acknowledgment of our challenges and difficulties. The "art" part is where the magic happens; as we allow ourselves...
  • A staple of many Information Technology (IT) policy suites is the Acceptable Use Policy (AUP), intended to govern what people working in the organization can and cannot do with the technology we provide them. IIM professionals and consultants push to have these kinds of policies in place, and countless templates and best practices are available...

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