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07-15-2021 11:30


ISIS Papyrus Group is a unique expert player in enterprise software – we enable business applications for digital transformation, operational enhancement and customer engagement. We serve world’s largest organizations across industries, helping them move to Digital, Empower the Business and become Fit-for-Future.

Papyrus technology offers a holistic approach to business communication and process automation and provides consolidated inbound and outbound business communication, AI-powered process and case management and content services in one unified platform. The platform empowers enterprise business users to create and improve customer-focused communication and processes and provides a complete Omni-channel communication across Digital & Traditional Business enabling organizations to easily engage with customers via two-way, individual real-time communication whenever, wherever and on whatever channel needed. By using an intelligent platform architecture and ready-to-use Out-of-the-Box solution frameworks, companies are enabled to effectively communicate, collaborate and innovate, providing individual digital business solutions in a fraction of time and cost to stay relevant and competitive in the new fast-paced digital world. ISIS Papyrus supports more than 2.500 organizations in the financial, insurance, utility, telecom, healthcare and public sectors 24/7, facilitating their transformation to digital business and helping them achieve enhanced customer experience and business agility.

Today, Papyrus is implemented as a flexible business application platform designed to support a large number of internal and external users securely across the enterprise on desktop, browser and mobile devices, linking to social media and running in the Cloud.

The Papyrus Business Communication and Process Platform enables critical business benefits for high-quality customer communications and operations:
• Shorten time to market for new products
• Empower business users to act, respond, resolve and improve
• Ensure brand consistency across channels
• Share a consolidated customer perspective across the organization
• Ensure seamless collaboration and integration
• Align activity goals with management objectives
• Provide customers with secure portal and mobile access
• Provide closed-loop processes for partners and vendors
• Improve accountability, compliance and productivityContact

301 Bank St
Southlake, TX 76092
United States

North American HQ: Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas (USA)
Asia-Pacific HQ: Singapore
Global HQ: Vienna, Austria


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