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06-28-2021 09:47


Informed Group serves as a knowledge centre and driver of innovation for information management. We help companies in accelerating digital transformation. We optimize and modernize business processes and user interfaces of Enterprise Information Management systems. We deploy their enterprise information intelligently with the use of a low-code platform and an agile approach. In doing so, we apply technology from our partners OpenText Documentum, Outsystems and Microsoft 365.

Our vision: Connecting People to the Enterprise

Informed Group contributes to the digital transformation to work, learn, live and experience. We do this by connecting organizations better with its users: employees, customers and suppliers. Get maximum return from all available data. With our Enterprise Information Management (EIM) solutions such as user-friendly interfaces, clear apps and efficient connections between systems, we create an environment that is flexible, safe and logical for our customers and the users of this environment. We support the needs of the users without making concessions to the working methods, rules and guidelines of the organization.

Our mission

We help customers get more value from data. Together with customers, we create and deliver business and IT solutions that meet the need to drive the customer experience with digital transformation. Our solutions translate into logical data, user-friendly interfaces, clear apps and efficient connections between the various business systems. Our team of certified specialists delves deeper into opportunities and threats with the customer, dares to be critical and to come up with non-standard solutions.

  • Real solutions are achieved through cooperation with the customer;
  • A long-term relationship with the customer is the starting point;
  • By cooperating and thinking along with the customer, you arrive at solutions that are best for all parties involved;
  • This creates the click to continue and to realize this for other relations as well.

Our ambition

Our ambition is to stay in contact and connect with our employees, customers and partners in a sustainable manner. By continuing to develop total information management solutions that are meaningful to organizations that strive to drive innovation and enhance the value of information. To meet expectations management and bridge the gap between business processes and users. Maximum return from all available data.

Our promise.

  • Maximum return from all available data.
  • Stimulate innovation and optimize information flows.
  • Real people, real solutions.

"Organizations are bound by laws, rules and regulations. Users of Information solutions need speed, simplicity and ease of use. We help our customers bridge the gap between business processes and users." Jeroen Jansen, CEO and Founder.


Vijzelmolenlaan 8B
Woerden, Utrecht 3447 GX

Solution Examples

#1 User Experience

Solution Card for User Experience


#2 SharePoint App for Documentum (SPA4D)


#3 Documentum xCP Low Code Case Management


#4 Documentum Accelerator for OutSystems Low Code


#5 Collaborative Edit



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