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07-19-2021 11:47


Xenit Solutions (“Xenit”) was founded in February 2007, since then we have become a dominant player in Europe and in the field of Intelligent Information Management (IIM), a practice that integrates people, processes, information, and technology to achieve digital transformation. 

There is too much information supply, too much information demand, constant multitasking, interruption, inadequate workplace infrastructure. There is an immediate need to exchange information across geographical, technical, and organizational boundaries so that all departments, customers, and related parties can work together in real-time. We partner with best in class technology players in the Enterprise Content and Search ecosystems:

  1. Hyland Alfresco: recognized by Forrester and Gartner as a leader, with a complete platform for content and process-rich applications.

  2. Lucidworks: named by Forrester as a leader that combines customer domain knowledge with machine learning and AI-powered search capabilities.

Our areas of expertise include:

  • Hyland Alfresco System Integrator: we implement, deploy and manage the Hyland Alfresco Content Services Platform. Xenit provides a bespoke service level agreement to keep Alfresco up and running. We guarantee up to 99.9% Alfresco availability.
  • Product Development: Xenit is passionate about productivity, so we built products and tools that enhance Alfresco’s capabilities, from user interfaces to monitoring systems, all aimed at reducing content chaos, managing the document life-cycle.
  • On premise | Hybrid | Cloud Hosting: Cloud is the new normal, but most organizations are moving more towards a hybrid solution. Xenit provides services to design, deploy, customize, integrate and scale the strategy that best fits the company’s strategy.
  • Enterprise Search integrations: by leveraging Lucidwork Fusion technology, we help companies seek the information they need from anywhere, in any format, from anywhere - in databases, document management systems, shared drives.
  • Intelligent Archiving Solutions: For insurers that aim to realize direct business value from their long-term digital information, Xenit is innovating the way organizations build, access, and preserve their assets. With next-generation metadata modeling, Xenit helps insurance companies build their own digital, fully-compliant, archives.


Diestsevest, 32 Floor 4
Leuven, Flanders 3000
+32 016 891 800

ECM is not just a platform, but it is a service that needs to be managed. This is why at Xenit, we deliver not only Alfresco, but we also guaranteed performance and quality of services, through Alfred, a fully integrated, open-source, solution.



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