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Employee Trust and Advocacy: The By-products of the Social Business

Building trust with employees is hard. I’m speaking from specific experience. Once upon a time the Great Recession stepped on my business and my partners and I had to make financial choices that had painful impact on all 200 of our employees. We convened a company meeting and...

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Selecting the Right SharePoint Consulting Firm: Comparing Apples to Apples, or Apples to Oranges

In working with clients and gathering their business requirements as well as their detailed functional requirements as well as listening to their past experiences in working with SharePoint consultants on previous versions like MOSS 2007 or SPS 2003, or even SharePoint 2010, I continue to hear an opinion and small pattern for which I thought I should address

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DIY SharePoint

When ShareSquared hires consultants, we put them through a minimum of two rigorous technical interviews centered on object oriented design principles and patterns, the .NET platform and SharePoint architecture, administration and development

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SharePoint: A Point of Confusion

Even for experienced users and consultants, the openness and breadth of the product raises a number of critical governance issues

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Governance for Dunces

Governance is what a consultant tells you to apply lest you need the same consultant to unravel the virgin workflow they leave at your firewall door in glistening, mint condition

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A Vendor & Resource Management Solution

Many IT organizations both large and small utilize contractors and consultants...The process of hiring contractors and consultants is often times a painful one

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We're Still Failing At Implementing SharePoint

That still makes up (in my estimation) at least 20% of implementations that fail WITH the guidance of a consultant or consultancy

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SharePoint Upgrades -- Blueprints Anybody?

I have a piece out this week in KMWorld where I interview John Mongell , an IT consultant with Boston-based RSM McGladrey and well acquainted with the initial tire-kicking and eventual blocking/tackling connected to SharePoint deployments

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