We're Still Failing At Implementing SharePoint

By Nicholas Inglis posted 01-06-2014 09:46


AIIM’s most recent research report on SharePoint found that 60% of SharePoint projects are stalled, struggling or failing, we really need to take some time to reflect upon why companies are failing so miserably at implementing SharePoint.

In the AIIM report, after determining that 60% of SharePoint projects are stalled, struggling or failing it goes on to show where companies are receiving advice on their SharePoint implementations, a telling and corresponding set of statistics: 

Between “In house - internal expertise (ONLY)” and “External Training” we make up just over 50%. I think it would be a safe assumption that not all of those SharePoint projects failed, but quite possibly a large percentage. That still makes up (in my estimation) at least 20% of implementations that fail WITH the guidance of a consultant or consultancy.

Without proper guidance and advice, you’re setting yourself up for failure. SharePoint differs from general IT implementation and it differs from general ECM implementation. Why are we still turning to general IT and general ECM consultancies to provide guidance in areas in which they do not have expertise?

The SharePoint information architecture is different than a standard ECM information architecture.

Standard ECM Information Architecture SharePoint Information Architecture
Folder Based Structure Site / Library Based Structure
Information Management Policies Implemented on Folder Levels Information Management Policies Applied On Hierarchical Structures Called Content Types
Metadata Standardized on Folder or Category Metadata Standardized on Content Types
Records Declaration As Manual Process Records Declaration As Manual or Automated Process

The structure of information is fundamentally different:
ECM System > Nested Folders > Content
SharePoint > Site Collection > Site > Library > Content Types / Folders / Content

The application of policies is fundamentally different and how we perform the operations of a content or records management system are completely different.

What all of this leads me to believe is that we continue to want for a lack of knowledge and expertise in the SharePoint space. SharePoint and it’s application of information management is different, so let’s all stop pretending that it’s the same.

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01-07-2014 08:52

The presentation of the information in SharePoint differs from a hierarchical file server and the default presentation in systems like ECM Documentum. However, it is very similar to the presentation used in Alfresco. Underneath the covers though the implementations are very difference. I do not believe it is the presentation or information organization that causes these projects to fail. I would base it more on a lack of understanding what is capable of the software.