Stop Talking About SharePoint Governance

By Nicholas Inglis posted 08-24-2012 12:05


... and start ACHIEVING it.

A lot of people have noticed been asking why I’ve been noticeably absent from discussion for the past few months. I can now unveil why I have been so crazy busy...

I am honored to introduce you to the AIIM SharePoint Governance Toolkit. I have had the pleasure of drastically revising it for the 2012 edition and it is now available for you.

What’s Different?

This toolkit is specifically designed for you to create your SharePoint Governance Plan in its entirety. It is one of the strongest sets of resources that we have provided around SharePoint Governance next to our SharePoint for ECM skills development training course. This toolkit is a bundled package of resources, not just a pdf overview, that walks you, step by step, through the creation of your plan and it is built upon the highly respected AIIM Comprehensive SharePoint Governance Model (used by so many major organizations) and until now, was only available through our SharePoint for ECM training.

What’s In It?

The Toolkit includes the AIIM SharePoint Governance Plan template, worksheets, additional templates, an overview eBook to walk you through every step of the process (over 100 pages), SharePoint visualizations, an 18 minute overview video that explains every stage in the process, and a whole lot of other resources for you to build a comprehensive SharePoint Governance Plan for your organization.

Truly, this is the culmination of all of my experience and expertise on SharePoint Governance packaged up and provided to our community. Getting your copy of this toolkit is like hiring me as your organization’s dedicated SharePoint Governance consultant, that is the amount of information you are being provided.

I’m RIDICULOUSLY Proud To Get This Into Your Hands

This is what I’ve been working on developing for the past 6 months and it is finally ready to drastically shift the conversation about SharePoint Governance from the extremely limiting view that focuses on the IT side exclusively to the AIIM Model which says that in order for SharePoint to be successful it needs to be successful across all areas of your organization: Business, IT, Records Management, Risk, etc. This is the first comprehensive solution for SharePoint Governance planning and execution.

How Do You Get It?

This has been my most ambitious undertaking and has an astronomical value to organizations, but this is STILL a Toolkit and is not being priced at an astronomical price point. This is AIIM, and we’re here for you. You’ve got to respect the AIIM leadership for saying, “we value our community and want to give them as much value as possible” all without drastically increasing the cost over past pricing.

The AIIM SharePoint Governance Toolkit is ABSOLUTELY FREE for all AIIM Professional Members, yes, free. I love that I can get this into all of your hands right now. For non-members it is just $199 but AIIM Professional Membership is only $135 and you get allAIIMtoolkits (currently over 20), mentors, and member only pricing on events, training, and standards. Just become an AIIM Professional Member already, it’s one of the best investments you can make in this industry (and I said that before working for AIIM as well).

Get your copy of the AIIM SharePoint Governance Toolkit now.

In Closing, Get Excited

This is a game changer for the SharePoint Governance conversation and I’m excited for it to be a game changer at your organization as well.

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08-28-2012 09:34

Will send it over to you Russ.

08-27-2012 07:45

Thanks for the toolkit. We're just at the stage of writing our governance plan for our first stage of SP implementation. I've still got to go through the material :), but it looks very helpful.
I've one question, though. The the link to the overview video in the powerpoint "Sharepoint Governance Video" doesn't work here. I get no message that I need to allow external sources: in fact, this already works. And opening the presentation for editing doesn't get me the hyperlink. Is it possible to send a link to the video, or a version that's embedded in the presentation?
Russ Herald