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Open Source Communities as Social Business in Action

While some goals and aspirations of Social Business seem new to many organizations, they are not new in the software world. The fundamentals of a successful open source development project are often identical to the goals identified by “Enterprise 2.0” or “Social Enterprise...

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The enterprise as it should have always been

Then as now (though to a lesser extent), people were the key to success, but time and location constraints prevented organizations from building a kind of marketplace where information, knowledge, expertise, problems, and solution could meet

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AIIM Introduces Social Media Governance Training Program

It's a significant development for AIIM because while there are a number of social media courses, academies, certificate programs, etc. in the marketplace, very few of them address governance at all and none of them have AIIM's deep expertise in information management processes and requirements

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Coming Soon... Those of us that know Content and Social learn Big Data together

The intersection of these are critical in the marketplace and since a majority of AIIM members have a background more rooted in content (like me) I hope this will be a great venue for us all to learn and discuss the impact of Big Data, Big Content, and Social as they converge

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"We don't do social media here." Really?

Study after study has shown that organizations that leverage social media are more agile, more responsive, and better perceived by their constituents and customers and the marketplace

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Moving Towards A Paperless Work Space

We are constantly talking about how the capabilities of capture will continue to grow, especially within mobile applications and devices, and were truly happy to see this type of growth in the marketplace. 12 percent of respondents are committed to a strategy of cloud deployment of capture – rising to 20 percent in the largest organizations

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What's your social collaboration raison d'être?

Healthcare specialists Sg2 wanted to enable the company’s advisory capability to become more viral, to encourage discussion and interaction around its findings and ideas, and position Sg2 as a hub for people in the industry to collaborate and communicate – not just with Sg2’s experts, but with each other – on healthcare issues, thereby increasing the number of potential customers it could reach and its penetration into the marketplace