AIIM Introduces Social Media Governance Training Program

By Jesse Wilkins posted 04-25-2012 10:01



I am pleased to announce that AIIM has just introduced the AIIM Social Media Governance Practitioner course. This course covers the processes, roles and responsibilities, and instruments required to successfully bring social media into the organization's governance framework for compliance, legal and regulatory requirements, and best practices for information management. There are specific courses for Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn as well as a lot of broadly applicable content. 
It's a significant development for AIIM because while there are a number of social media courses, academies, certificate programs, etc. in the marketplace, very few of them address governance at all and none of them have AIIM's deep expertise in information management processes and requirements. The course was developed using best practices and guidelines from AIIM's global community of 65,000 information professionals as well as standards and research in the industry.  
Here's the list of course modules: 
  • Defining Information Governance in the Age of Social Media
  • The Social Media Policy Development Framework
  • Introduction to the Social Media Policy
  • The Governance Policy: Privacy and Confidentiality
  • The Governance Policy: Ownership and Affiliation
  • Conducting a Social Media Assessment
  • Developing a Governance Policy for Facebook
  • Developing a Governance Policy for Twitter
  • Developing a Governance Policy for LinkedIn
  • Developing a Governance Policy for Collaborative Tools
  • Discovering and Identifying Organizational Social Media Accounts
  • Declaring Social Content as Records
  • Social Business Content and Public Records
  • Capturing Records Created on Facebook
  • Capturing Records Created on LinkedIn
  • Capturing Records Created on Twitter
  • Capturing Records Created on Blogs
  • Capturing Records Created Using Collaborative Tools
  • Internal vs. External Social Media Tools
  • Using Social Technologies in Regulated Industries
  • How to Provide Social Content In Response to Legal or Regulatory Requests
  • Monitoring Social Media for Relevant Discussions and Topics
  • The Social Business Roadmap
  • Roles & Responsibilities
  • How IT Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Facebook
  • The Role of Records Managers in Managing Social Processes and Technologies
The target audience for this course includes: 
  • Managers who are looking at starting, or expanding, a social business initiative
  • The information management staff responsible for governance functions, including but not limited to records managers, IT, legal staff, HR, and others
  • Marketing, communications staff, and anyone using social media tools in an official capacity
  • Dedicated social media staff like community managers and social media strategists
  • Consultants for like-minded roles and projects
The course is available as a 2-day instructor-led course or as 26 online modules that average 15-20 minutes long each. 
More information about the course is available at or contact

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