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  • Nigel, you're very welcome!  I agree the options and approaches @Shawn Acheampong ​ shared would definitely help any of us with goals. ------------------------------ Boshia Smith Membership Manager AIIM ------------------------------

  • How do you make the case to senior leaders that process automation is where your organization NEEDS to go? We surveyed over 260 information professionals from all over the world and compiled the most important statistics into this infographic on process ...

  • Thanks Boshia and Sean. Great session. insightful and informative. Love the different options and approaches to reflect organisation culture and goals. ------------------------------ Nigel Kirkman Director Ferrier Mills --------------------------- ...

  • Thanks Lorelei for your kind words. :) I've been faced with many IG blockers. Finding another lens for meeting objectives has really been the birth of these Agile IG tactics.  Best wishes. ------------------------------ Shawn Acheampong CEO / Digital ...

  • Likewise John :) You are a fountain of wisdom and insight. Thank you. It's awesome being an AIIM member and learning from so many pros. ------------------------------ Shawn Acheampong CEO / Digital Transformation Accelerator Tumii Transformations -- ...

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  • There have been some interesting developments in the world of E-Discovery tied to many of the same privacy protection laws and regulations changing the game in records and information management. To get a better understanding of how these regulations are affecting cross-border Discovery, we connected with our friends at the Association of Certified E-Discovery...
  • As you already know, people are more likely to follow your rules after they buy in to the reasons behind them. But you can take it one step further, and provide your “rules” as solutions instead of orders. Amazon’s Kindle publishing team understands this concept well. I was preparing the Kindle edition of my recent book , following...
  • In this episode of AIIM On Air , I speak with Sue Trombley, Managing Director of Thought Leadership for Iron Mountain. We discuss the biggest impacts on the workplace from Covid-19 and the challenges and opportunities of the new normal of business today.

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