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  • My understanding of the terms is: Records Management - more traditional, what you do with your records, doesn't have to be just paper or images Information Governance - covering all areas, creation of, storage of, whether in other software, other ...

  • Hello, Thanks to all who were able to join us for our Tribe Talk with @John Daly .  John shared some really good and useful information.  If you missed it or want to review it for tips, it's posted in the library here Let's continue this conversation ...

  • Hello Colleen and Val, Thanks, I've added this to the member content library here here in the community.  It's in the folder Implementing an Information Management Strategy in the webinar folder.  Moving ...

  • I soon found out that first clicking on "Watch this Webinar" and second filling out my identity, worked well. But I still believed that Microsoft HoloLens 2 examples, and that IBM Watson customer examples, like Local Motors popular automatic ...

  • I had the same message. ------------------------------ Colleen Loguisto BC Public Service ------------------------------

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  • The recent Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU) Schrems II ruling, which invalidated the longstanding U.S.-EU Privacy Shield framework, has created a wave of uncertainty for the legal industry. Ever since the U.S.-EU Safe Harbor framework was retired in 2015 as a result of Schrems I, lawyers have faced challenges in ensuring the legality of transferring data between the...
  • We're so excited to announce that registration for The AIIM Conference 2021 for records and information professionals is now live!
  • Knowledge management is one of the most crucial yet overlooked aspects of workplace progress. When employees fail to get access to the knowledge necessary for completing their tasks, the organization suffers. Knowledge sharing in the workplace can increase productivity, social interaction, and trust among the team. It's great for nurturing the organization's knowledge bank so everyone can access it...

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  • The AIIM Community Code of Conduct: worth a relook

    Dear Community Friends,

    This is a friendly -- and important -- reminder that this Community Forum ascribes to a code of conduct. Take a moment now to reacquaint yourself with these guidelines. Please be mindful that the choice of words we use can often affect someone in a negative way, even if that is not the intention. Words matter. Think before you post. Be kind. Thank you. #BetterTogether

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