Coming Soon... Those of us that know Content and Social learn Big Data together

By Andy MacMillan posted 06-02-2012 18:58


My first real blog post will be coming soon.  Here is the background on me and why I'm writing this blog.

A few weeks ago Bryant Duhon put a post up on Twitter seeking a few 'experts' to blog as part of AIIM's expert blogger series on the topic of Big Data, Big Content, and Social.  The challenge of course being that these are newly converging markets and experts across all three of these topics are likely quite scarce. This scarcity probably does make for compelling blogging however. While I am certainly not an expert yet, especially around Big Data, I am in the process of significantly changing my product focus into the data space and believe there could be a community that would be interested in pursuing, learning, and discussing the convergence of these topics with me. That will be the focus of this blog.

With that context on how we got to this point, let me give you a some background about myself, the journey I'm embarking on around this convergence, and hopefully convince you that this conversation might be worth participating in. 

Earlier this year I joined as Senior Vice President - Products for  In this role I am responsible for driving the product strategy and vision for  This blog will not be about those products, but I do believe my day-to-day discussions with market leading data providers, data professionals, and other industry insiders will provide a good context for the discussion here around trends and strategies.  Simply for the sake of background, provides data via the cloud; today focused on contact and account information for, with a mission to be a much broader solution in terms of types of data and the value created and extracted from that data.  Obviously the data tie-in to social will be critical as is squarely focused on helping our customers transform their businesses to social enterpises.

Prior to this role I ran Product Management for WebCenter at Oracle (via the Stellent acquisition).  WebCenter includes portal, content management, web experience management (FatWire), and social networking (Oracle Social Network). 

I'm also a current member of the AIIM Board of Directors.

Hopefully that context provides some background around my experience (content and social) and my new journey (cloud-based data and Big Data).  The intersection of these are critical in the marketplace and since a majority of AIIM members have a background more rooted in content (like me) I hope this will be a great venue for us all to learn and discuss the impact of Big Data, Big Content, and Social as they converge.

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09-05-2012 23:28

Hi Andy,
Thanks for the introduction. I would like to welcome you to the community. Bryant is a great community leader and pretty decent person, aside from his misguided support for the New Orleans, bounty-laden, Saints.
Looking forward to your contributions and the discussions that will certainly ensue.