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A Vendor & Resource Management Solution

These types of questions beg for a solution built on SharePoint to help you manage the information and documentation, communicate status, and report on key performance indicators (KPIs) you indentify to be important to your organization. Before you even begin to start building your solution on SharePoint, you’ll want to begin by mapping the end to end business activities, approvals, and flow of information and documents

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Issues with using SharePoint 2010 for Records Management

Ultimately, (as with many solutions) it is still possible to delete a document or site given the correct privileges, so a solution should be put in place to alert users if a site is deleted. The link below offers a free solution that will cause an email to be sent if a site gets deleted

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On-Premise vs. Hosted SharePoint Consulting

Microsoft recently launched Office 365 – an on line solution...As far as the Time spend in getting it running, the hosted solution beats the on-premise solution once again

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SharePoint Integration and The Seven Deadly Challenges

If only there was a solution that would give you the means to self discover those APIs and present functions in a visual, graphic way...Cloud Support More and more systems and solutions are ported to the Cloud or being developed on the Cloud

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SharePoint 2010 Web Standards, Accessibility, and Usability Quick Reference Guide

” SharePoint Validation Problem Areas – Best Practices Legacy markups & customizations can become a major issues in SharePoint 2007 to SharePoint 2010 Branding Migration efforts Silverlight Web Part(s) and where Microsoft is headed technologically (phasing Silverlight out) WebPartZone specific to SharePoint 2010 WebPartPage specific to SharePoint 2010 ImageField specific to SharePoint 2010 Rich Text Editor specific to SharePoint 2010 Silverlight Plugin Generator Problem SLPG doesn’t escape JavaScript code SLPG uses iframe to solve caching issue with Safari Solution Add comments before loading the JavaScript <script type="text/javascript"> //<!

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Drop and Give Me 50

Industry – One of the trends in the conversations that I had yesterday tells me that we may be getting closer to having real solutions from the industry serving this market. As opposed to everybody throwing something at the market in order to say “oh, we have one of those” I think we are starting to see companies say “ this is what we are good at, and here’s how we can work with you and the other solutions you’ve chosen

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SharePoint 2010, Mobility, Browser Compatibility, Compliance, and its Continued Dominance in the Marketplace

Like a stock trader who has purchased a “put” on a stock in hopes the stock value will decrease, I continue to see articles and blogs every now and then asking questions and making statements on doubts about how long SharePoint can remain dominant or how it will adopt to the ever...

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