On-Premise vs. Hosted SharePoint Consulting

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Microsoft SharePoint is a Web Application platform. It is highly popular amongst businesses, small and big.  The use of SharePoint has increased in recent times. As more businesses opt for SharePoint as a solution to their business issues more people are faced with the question as to whether they should go for a hosted (cloud) or an on-premise installation. The answer to that question is something what this article is all about. Microsoft recently launched Office 365 – an on line solution. Thus many organization are shifting their email to the cloud. There are a large number of organizations that have complicated Microsoft Exchange set ups and by shifting them online it simplifies their tasks and saves in infrastructure. Although SharePoint online does lack a few features compared to SharePoint on-premise there are several new functions that were recently released in the cloud version which are yet to make it way to the  on-premise version. We will go through the pros and cons of both the options thus making it easier for you to make the decision.


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The first factor and arguably the most important factor is the cost. The cost is something that tends to affect the decision in more cases than not. The cost of SharePoint 2013 servers, data security is enormously expensive. In addition to which there is the cost of much needed technical talent with out which the server set up is off no use. At times the IT teams spend the better part of the day fixing and managing servers and optimizing the resources.  On the other hand a hosted SharePoint service is quite the opposite since the maintenance vows are now non existent. Neither do you have to implement, update, troubleshoot, patch monitor or worry about any thing to do with the SharePoint server. Needless to say the second option is more economical, it is cheaper to opt for SharePoint hosting service. 
As far as the Time spend in getting it running, the hosted solution beats the on-premise solution once again. The basic reason is that with existing infrastructure to offer the hosting companies can have SharePoint up and running in a matter of days. While getting the complicated installation process right make take up days together thus delaying the launch for months at times. 
Having an on-premise solution would mean the requirement of skilled personnel to handle the SharePoint server. Such help is hard to find and there are hiring and training costs involved. Opting for a SharePoint consulting company would work out a better solution thus reducing the overheads.
A SharePoint server does require maintenance and such maintenance is required to be performed on a regular basis. This is not usually optional either, there are often security updates that are required to be carried out.  Besides it is often the case that the server has the need to be reconfigured or scaled up or down. In such cases having the experts in the form of SharePoint consultants take care of your matter is more fruitful and avoids unnecessary delays by trying to handle it in-house.

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The SharePoint sever also needs to be secure. It needs to be physically secure as well as secure against any hacks too.  The SharePoint server requires monitoring, daily backups thus demanding dedicated resources to handle such issues.  Yet again having as hosted solution proves more beneficial for the business.
We offer a wide range of SharePoint services. They are the right people to consult for find the best and most easiest solution for any companies requirements.  They are also in a better position to advice regarding the best option for SharePoint server and answering the big question on whether to opt for an on-premise solution or go for as hosted one.
SharePoint solution is possible to implement online as well as have a hosted solution and businesses wishing a SharePoint solution are often faced with the dilemma as to which solution to opt for.  The hosted solution is likely to work out to be more expensive however there are many features that are only available in the on-premise version but all that may change with the release of SharePoint 2013 and we may see more people opting for a hosted solution.
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