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Records Management: Why Is It Important?

Have you given any thought to your company's records management system?...Second, records management limits unnecessary duplication of records...Records management improves the security of those records

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The Future of Records and Information Management Is Today

Time is money and with the proper metadata and management of that information (i.e. document) we can increase the findability and accessibility of that piece of information so that time and money is not wasted trying to find that crucial piece of information when it is needed

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Big data - the e-discovery killer?

The introduction of records management have helped many organisations in the quest for the truth when lawsuits have nocked on their door

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Poke Me in the Eye with a Fork - SME Review of Retention Schedules

In our consulting practice, we do not require ECRM system users to understand complex records retention schedules (RRS) in order to achieve records management compliance

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With All of This Data, What Must Be Retained as a Record?

” Here is my non-legal (but experienced Records Management) perspective: The simple answer is that the final, complete or signed document that is evidence of a decision or transaction is the official record - and that is considered records management best practice