Are the physical record management/archiving companies in a secular downtrend as digitalization increases?

By jaap smit posted 04-03-2012 05:49


At Robeco Asset Management in The Netherlands we are looking at the future growth prospects of archiving and record management companies such as Iron Mountain. These companies store physical records, microfilms, audio/videotapes, x-rays  but also computer tapes and hard drives for their clients. Additionally, these companies perform complementary services such as information destruction and pick-up/delivery.

As more companies are moving towards digitalization of their business information the question is if record management companies are about to enter a secular downtrend and if so how fast can this happen? We have seen many victims of the digitalization process such as directories, newspapers and in the audio/video business.

Or is this conclusion taken too easily? Digitalization often produces more paper, regulation increases, outsourcing increases. Looking forward to your ideas about this.

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