Big data - the e-discovery killer?

By Per Sivertsen posted 02-01-2013 08:33


Entering the world of big data. Enterprise organisations leap on the bandwagon and introduses social media into the work environment by publishing information on facebook, twitter and its peers. The workforce are using mobile devices to communicate with each other and clients and information that earlier was regarded record worthy are now literally in the hands of users that are on the run 90% of their time, not in a possition to secure that agreements are documented and stored in the organisations recordstore.

E-discovery have been around for a number of years. The introduction of records management have helped many organisations in the quest for the truth when lawsuits have nocked on their door. But now when we urge our employees to be active on sosial medias in the name of the organisation it is neccesary to have a closer look on the e-discovery plan.

As we all know the titanic did not go down because it hit the top of the iceberg. Big data is all the information out there that potentially can give organisations an economical boost. but is is also a potential bomb in an e-discovery case.


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