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What a Difference Forever Makes

When we talk about retention periods with respect to ECM and ERM, we are usually focused on process. “ How do we establish the period? ” “ What happens at the end of the period? ” “ Can we establish a legal hold? ” What about when there is no period? Or, what...

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Update on Records Center Collapse

The following is not for the faint of here. Previously I blogged about Recall, the offsite records storage center in the DC suburbs that had a roof collapse . A colleague of mine is a former employee of Recall and she was telling me that approximately 50,000 boxes of records have been...

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Conceptual Storage (and other ERM pitfalls) Is Just As Big A Problem As Physical Storage

In my last blog post I talked about the collapse of an offsite record storage location in the DC suburbs. Even though tragedies like this happen, it does not mean that electronic records is the route to go to have the most secure storage for records. For physical records it may take...

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Nightmare in the Digital Archives - Digital Preservation Standards

The movie Night at the Museum is a fun way to picture artifacts being preserved for future generations. Just as we preserve these artifacts of societies long past and our current societal relics, we must also be about the business of preserving our digital information. Take a minute to think...

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From System of Engagement to System of Record: Just Add Time

Right now I'm working on a conference presentation submission with my friend Arlene . You see, she's an archivist at a state university, and I'm an information management consultant. We often share links to interesting articles, white papers, blog posts, and we have similar...

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Tweeting for Records Management

I was listening to a day-long presentation on Records Management and developments in the industry by Dr. Ulrich Kampffmeyer the other day. On my way to the event I was catching up on my twitter stream, a post caught my eyes. Do you remember the announcement that the Library of Congress ...

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Why Some Enterprise Search Tools Can Compromise the Integrity of your eDiscovery Process

As part of bringing eDiscovery in-house, one might consider using enterprise search tools, open source search tools, portal search, or embedded (free) search components to execute the negotiated Booleans, find relevant documents, and copy them to a preservation location (often a dedicated file...

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Enterprise 2.0 and Information Governance, who should take care within the organization?

The Information Governance is a serious business and probably too serious to be left solely in the hands of ....... 1) IT Since the early 2000, IT people and teams have lost their supremacy and the exclusivity on information processing and business solutions. ...

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Is SharePoint alone, enough?

Organizations are facing the reality that electronic information is or can be a record and as such are now trying to address how they will manage this mounting mass. AIIM research and in discussions I have had with students in my classes, we find that many organizations are turning to SharePoint...

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Long-term preservation of electronic records

The growth of electronic records has had positive impacts on many diverse organization operations. Internal efficiencies are achieved and service to customers is faster. In a government environment, access to information is also improved with self-service data access and on-line payment...

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