Update on Records Center Collapse

By Jeffrey Lewis posted 07-11-2012 15:12


The following is not for the faint of here.

Previously I blogged about Recall, the offsite records storage center in the DC suburbs that had a roof collapse.  A colleague of mine is a former employee of Recall and she was telling me that approximately 50,000 boxes of records have been damaged due to this catastrophe. 

To help clean up the destruction, all of those records have been put into a dumpster with the rubble and debri.  Staffers then have to go through the dumpster to separate the records from the trash and then try to figure out what box and folder those records went in.  Yikes!  Considering that the dumpster is outside and the DC area was recently rained on, maybe "Yikes!" might be an understatement.

I am guessing the organizations that had   papers records stored there are looking to go paperless now.

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