Conceptual Storage (and other ERM pitfalls) Is Just As Big A Problem As Physical Storage

By Jeffrey Lewis posted 07-09-2012 15:14


In my last blog post I talked about the collapse of an offsite record storage location in the DC suburbs.  Even though tragedies like this happen, it does not mean that electronic records is the route to go to have the most secure storage for records. 

For physical records it may take decades for a building to decay and no longer be a safe location for records.  Records born digital are on magnetic tape which are starting to decay the moment the tape is created and need constant preservation and care to ensure long term access.

Beyond what the electronic records are stored on is also the issue of how they are conceptually stored or the metadata associated with the electronic records.  If you have the best infrastructure, backups, data redundancy, and emulation and migration strategies, but poor metadata all your content amounts to is a bunch of ones and zeroes.

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