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Solving the Challenges of Records Retention in the Cloud

Retention Basics Still Apply to Cloud The cloud is simply another option for the storage of your records, and as such, the same basic retention requirements apply. This means your move to the cloud needs to be underpinned by a comprehensive and well-researched records retention policy that should include: Direct, explicit retention requirements under various statutes and regulations. Indirect retention requirements in the form of legal limitation periods applicable to litigation, audits, and other proceedings. Business requirements to keep and use records, as identified by end users and other organizational stakeholders

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What are You Using Your RRS for โ€“ Part 2?

This classification is the key to automating retention requirements. By standardizing how information or data will be indexed, you can assign the retention requirements to the folder level

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How Different is Legal Document Management?

Most Legal firms and Legal departments have requirements around litigation, e-discovery, compliance, corporate governance, and intellectual property

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Records Management Programmes

1/ Senior mgmt sponsorship essential 2/ The more effort put in the greater the rewards 3/ Genuine costs savings can be made 4/ Good RM will enable more efficient operational processing 5/ It can limit your liability in terms of over retention of Records working against you 6/ Good awareness programmes/education essential - they help people to "get it" 7/ Must be enterprise wide for maximum savings/efficiency 8/ Must consider global and local requirements - one size will not fit all 9/ Regular interaction required to maintain focus (records management champion network) 10/ Conformance testing essential There appears to be some overlap, however, I think these instances are justified

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Social Business Virtual Event: Debra Logan and Key Issues for Enterprise Information Management 2011

Sneak Peek at other Social Business Virtual Conference speakers' sessions: Bob Larrivee: How Mobile Devices will Transform Paper Processes Ming Kwan: Share to Connect Jacob Morgan: The Business Impact of Collaboration Steve Ressler: The Story of Jesse Wilkins: Developing a Twitter Policy Dianne Kelley: Aligning Strategy and Governance with Business Requirements Gayle Weiswasser: How Discovery Engages with their Audience Please join Debra for her presentation and Q&A immediately following on September 8, 2011 at 12:00 pm Eastern Time

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From the mountain top

” Recognizing this is the case, references are also made that there is a requirement to eliminate paper use and move to electronic recordkeeping wherever possible, including email, which is to be maintained in an “accessible” electronic format

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