Social Business Virtual Event: Debra Logan and Key Issues for Enterprise Information Management 2011

By Jesse Wilkins posted 08-08-2011 14:20



Here's the latest post in our series of interviews with the speakers for our inaugural Social Business Virtual Conference which is being held completely online this September 8, 2011. 
I asked Debra Logan, VP at Gartner, to share some thoughts about her presentation with us. Debra will be the opening speaker for the Governance Track. 
What are you going to speak about at the Social Business virtual conference Sept 8th?  
My presentation will describe the importance of information governance and how IT and business peers can work together to put an effective information governance framework in place. In particular I will describe a framework for identifying and developing information governance drivers and strategies for achieving them, particularly as they apply to social business technologies. 
This presentation will address social business technologies, but the issue, and the presentation, goes much further than that. Information governance applies to any information of business value to the organization and social business technologies are just one, albeit important and growing, aspect of that. 
Do you have any examples of implementations or case studies? 
The presentation features extensive findings from Gartner research. 
What will the attendees learn from your presentation?
Attendees will learn how to develop an information governance framework for their organizations and how to implement it. Particular attention will be paid to new roles that will be required, the importance of IT and business alignment, and the importance of metrics based on business needs. This is especially important as IT moves from 
a help-desk, reactionary, ad hoc model to a more strategic model in support of clear business strategies and goals. 
The session will conclude with five critical failures organizations experience as they try to implement a social business initiative, and five success plan recommendations to help them overcome those challenges and ensure a successful implementation. 
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Please join Debra for her presentation and Q&A immediately following on September 8, 2011 at 12:00 pm Eastern Time.

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