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Knowledge Management, Enterprise Collaboration and Wiki

At the same time, traditional knowledge management software is great for organizing, preserving and distributing knowledge, but lacks incentives to contribute and collaborate

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Is it Knowledge Management or Business Intelligence?

Because this person was from the "structured data" world, they just couldn't wrap their arms around the concept of knowledge management. And we began a lengthy conversation about this abstract concept of knowledge management (KM). Knowledge management -- the buzzword of decades past that might be synonymous with other buzzwords like collective intelligence or intellectual capital

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The Year of Living Dangerously In Knowledge Management

I never categorized my work in records as part and parcel of Knowledge Management—it seemed disloyal. I dismissed Knowledge Management as a pseudonym (in my eyes, at least) for a better term: Records and Information Management

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The Future of Records and Information Management Is Today

Time is money and with the proper metadata and management of that information (i.e. document) we can increase the findability and accessibility of that piece of information so that time and money is not wasted trying to find that crucial piece of information when it is needed

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Knowledge Management Using Enterprise Wiki, Collaboration And Social Media? Absolutely!

Few people would argue that to be effective knowledge management must involve collaboration and engagement techniques. Using enterprise wiki, social media and other already existing tools might be an effective way to win over employees and build a reliable knowledge management environment

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So, THIS (SharePoint 2010) is what happened to knowledge management!

Many of the new virtues had to do with content and records management, and over the course of time, we will be sure to deal with those here

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ECM and Records Management System Design Issues Impacting End-User Change

It is well known that the primary reason ECM and records management implementations fail is because of change management issues. This seems to happen even if a significant change management effort is made - but why?

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