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Selecting an Enterprise Archive Solution

They provide print stream ingestion, scalable repositories, multichannel output delivery and print management, with support for a broad range of platforms

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AIIM is a Mover and Shaker in the Tech Press... 2012 Off to a Great Start

I'm only a couple of weeks into my new marketing role with AIIM and my mind is already blown with just how influential this organization has become, particularly with the Industry Watch reports

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ECM = Enterprise CHANGE Management

In dem Maße wie sich ECM Enterprise Content Management in Richtung EIM Enterprise Information Management weiterentwickelt, kann man zukünftig das Akronym ECM für Enterprise Change Management verwenden. Letztlich geht es auch bei der Einführung von Enterprise Content Management um die Herbeiführung von Veränderungen, um Change Management

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How to Become Litigation Ready

Execute your legal hold interviews properly and create a legal hold report as soon as possible to determine who the relevant custodians are and where the data you need to collect is. This is a very process-driven activity that you and your legal counsel can bring in-house by automating the legal hold workflow, follow-up, auditing and reporting

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