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Enterprise 2.0 Strategy: Build Relationships First, Build Technology Later

The Challenge of Internal Communications I recently joined a local roundtable group here in Seattle made up of business leaders focused on the challenges of internal business communications. In preparing for our first meeting the organizers asked that we each name our most pressing...

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Enterprise 2.0, desperately seeking bosses

It is more than a week without a new article on Enterprise 2.0, collaboration, enterprise social networking, corporate social business, etc

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McKinsey's Technology Enabled Business Trends - New KPI Strategy?

These trends are closely bound to what Enterprise 2.0 technologies are designed to facilitate...Building on his measures, I have adjusted the terminology to reflect general enterprise collaboration - as it relates to Enterprise 2.0 technologies

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In the Enterprise 2.0, maybe "2.0" is what matters the less

How can we recognize an enterprise 2.0 and say "they did it, they're an example to follow" ?...And it was years before social media became maintream, before the rise of web 2.0

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Retro Enterprise 2.0 - Email Lists + Platform + Governance

Want to find excellent examples of Enterprise 2.0?...One of the biggest issues with Enterprise 2.0 is creating and executing strategies that foster its adoption

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Enterprise 2.0: I’m a Believer

Seeing as this is my first post for the AIIM Enterprise 2.0 community, I wanted to step back and get a bit confessional so that you all out there can get a feel for where I’m coming from, both in terms of my general approach to Enterprise 2.0 (E2.0) as well as the perspective I’ll be bringing to my posts here

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