Enterprise 2.0, desperately seeking bosses

By Claude SUPER posted 02-17-2011 05:13



It is more than a week without a new article on Enterprise 2.0, 
collaboration, enterprise social networking, corporate social business, etc. 
You will find a lot on the web where bloggers try to put this topic in different perspectives, depending on their expertise  (HR, IT or marketing) and most of the posts are really interesting, but I nevertheless feel that we are beating around the bush! 
Get out of Taylorism and post-Taylorism!
Is the Enterprise it the crossroads? 
We do not have to care about it  and exegetes of the theories of management are there for explaining us, but  obviously the enterprise 2.0 cannot be summarized as a model in which web 2.0 technology comes to rescue the post-Taylorism! 
It is too early to announce that companies will get out quickly of these types of organization which have been so often maligned publicly but are still practiced everywhere and not only in companies. 
Are collaboration, accountability and assertion inconsistent with the productivity and growth?
Sick of managers, we  want  leaders! 
Not that I think managers are useless, but the Enterprise 2.0 need leaders, visionaries and adventurers pragmatic. 
Social networks allow all individuals to express his opinion, to share, to take a leadership in a field on a subject or project. 
We are few (+ - 1%) to take this opportunity, but we do denying its almost universal accessibility! 
For now, the challenge all organizations are facing is the same : the success to the emergence or leaders who will build its future. 
Who can do the mutation 2.0? 
We all have met great BOSS that give us the incentive to move forward with them!
Unfortunately, we have all also met or worked alongside people, sometimes nice, very often aloof, imbued, uppity, and mostly unable to articulate and promote a vision : I call them SHADOWS! (working for them, never for the community)
In this case, it is often the managers (under control of the Board) which oversee the operation of the business from the accouting cockpit  (understand a monstrosity of dynamic spreadsheets generally created with MS Excel). 
We all agree that these profiles are useful for the company, but they can not compensate for the absence of a leader. 
Like what happens in smaller companies or craft where relationships are easier (nearby) and often more direct, the leadership is crucial. 
The mutation to Enterprise 2.0 can not be done without a conduct of change and this  must be carried by one or more leaders (internal relays) to have one chance to be a success. 
Let's not be naive, we know that in the business as it is in everyday life : few employees are willing to engage a priori. 
There will be more likely to do if a real impetus is given by the BOSS in a spirit of cooperation and recognition to serve the business strategy. 
Without stronger sense of belonging, there is less loyalty and the change to 2.0 will be very difficult, so the success very uncertain.

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