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The Challenge of Cloud – Data Privacy

One of the primary concerns is data privacy issues...But we also understand that with 170K users someone, somewhere is going to use the cloud for storing information that could cause potential privacy/confidential exposures

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Privacy and EU Collection for eDiscovery

To complicate the privacy issues, eDiscovery in the US is a high-stakes endeavor...Trevor Hughes, taught that need for privacy is primal, even instinctive to our species

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France’s Digital Republic Act Strengthens Privacy Safeguards

In addition, the law enumerates the right to privacy protections after a citizen passes away through a new instrument called a personal data will. Citizens can communicate their data protection “last wishes” to the CNIL through a will that specifies how to exercise their personal data privacy rights after their death

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EU Data Protection Day oder Worldwide Data Privacy Day ...

Am 28.1.2019 ist wieder Data Protection Day ( ... nunmehr seit einigen Jahren zusammen mit dem Data Privacy Day. Nun gut, Data Protection ist eine wichtige Funktion auch für Data Privacy, obwohl Data Protection noch ganz andere Themen abdeckt. Seit der GDPR / DSGVO hat auch dieser Tag als Data Privacy Day international an Bedeutung gewonnen

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What are the implications of the provisions of the new EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) on U.S. Businesses?

In December 2015, the European Parliament passed the long-awaited changes to the EU Data Protection Directive, which has governed EU privacy rights since it was ratified in 1995

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Upcoming Changes in International Data Retention Legislation

Australia – Mandatory Data Breach Notification (MDBN): Introduced into the House of Representatives last month as the Privacy Amendment (Notifiable Data Breaches) Bill and anticipated to take effect in late 2017, the Australia Federal Parliament is expected to pass MDBN. This law will require companies that suffer a suspected data breach that is likely to cause serious harm to both investigate the breach and to notify both the impacted individuals and the Privacy Commissioner of the breach

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25.5.2018 -- DSGVO-Tag & Towel Day

DSGVO & AIIM Community Platform Die AIIM international hat ihre Privacy Policy an die Anforderungen der europäischen GDPR angepasst...Hier gelten die AGB der AIIM

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Protecting Your Legacy Data in the Great Migration to the Cloud

Identify what data your organization collects, processes and stores (and where it comes from) and decide on applicable/mandatory privacy and security requirements – what, where, why, and how

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