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Beware the evils of content lock in

Last month, Cheryl McKinnon brought up an excellent point when looking at ECM technology vendors and when you evaluate your existing technology- vendor lock in isn't the issue, content lock in is

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When Content Crosses Firewalls

After all, the networks and desktops are locked down tight right? In actual fact I’ll bet they are locked down so tight people can barely get any work done and it takes months in costly project over-runs to get anything done due to the complexity of setting up network security , Web filters, reverse proxies, etc

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Staying Ahead of the Content Fragmentation

If you look back even 18 to 24 months in the past, the focus was to classify every artifact within our enterprise platform using detailed metadata, structured taxonomies and content types, and expansive architectures and topologies that would allow us more powerful and flexible search options -- all in an effort to identify content and expertise hidden within our rapidly growing content stores. That model has been turned on its head. In our drive to get more of our content management investments, and, more importantly, to get our end users to more actively participate in the process, we turned to social collaboration

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My Personal Guide to Twitter or When It's OK to Talk About Mankinis

Built-in analytics...This also helps you avoid 10 tweets in a row in someone’s stream, which is annoying, if you see a bunch of items you want to RT — spread ‘em out a bit

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Predictions for ECM in 2014

One of the best parts of participating in the Executive Leadership Council (ELC) sessions is the opportunity to discuss big ideas and, let's be honest -- to also dig into rumor and speculation about what we'll see in the near (and distant) future from the major platform and OEM players that make up the backbone of the ECM space

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May You Live in Interesting Times

An old Chinese curse is said to say, “My you live in interesting times!” By my calculation, we already do, but not in the ways you think

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Enterprise 2.0: Transforming your workforce into a global pool of talent

The traditional hierarchies and silos of communication in organizations worldwide are crumbling...The gate keepers responsible for locking knowledge away on their laptops, in their inboxes, or in a mountain of paperwork, are removed

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