The Migration Email No One Will Get

By Marc Solomon posted 05-17-2011 23:44


Is 2011 just another synonym for moving in your shop to SharePoint 2010? Have you been in stealth mode all along? Or have you put yourself on the line? That's right. Announced the move with a drumbeat of confidence. Fingers firmly crossed.

Well, if you're still in pre-announce mode feel free to straddle the line between the informal press release you'll soon deliver and reconcile that with "reality." The reality version is testy, self-doubting, and still remembers the unplanned pratfalls of roll-outs past.
That means comparing the company wide email we're expected to craft and the less-scripted version we keep to humor ourselves and our project teams. The parts we'd like to expunge are underlined and replaced with the snarky sub-text in parentheses:
Dear Colleagues,
As some of you already know (... and most of you don't) we are moving to a new (... pick one):
- intranet
- KM system
- version of [blank]
- Microsoft SharePoint
later this year (... sooner than you think and later than we'd like).
This is (... potentially) a good thing for anyone wanting to take (... one fleeting glance) full advantage of our latest thinking (... tired rewrites) and connect to a wider network of experts (... who wear their overbookings as a badge to signify the scarcity of their rarified skill sets). 
* We'll automate the upload process so you don't have to guess where to put things (dump empty file folders on a shared drive).
* We'll intercept those contributions by triggering a workflow that matches your documents to the specifics of your project ("unique" details you will have to share in order to overwrite the default settings in the upload tool). 
* We'll be able to rate documents according to peer reviews and endorsements (... and politicize the purely subjective craft of rigging the ratings).
* We'll create intuitive top-of-mind terms like those you see on Google so you can label stuff worth promoting (are spared the brain cramping of tagging anxiety when your blank stare falls into an empty term set).
* You'll have your own My Site for sharing access with your project teams (... and you won't have the knowledge police on  your tail to tag your stuff before you do so).
* Best of all your contact information, your credentials, your outputs, and your SharePoint activities will be assembled in your own profile (... assuming all the groups that double enter the same redundant details agree to unsilo themselves and let each employee refresh their own profiles).
We're asking for a few simple inputs from you in order to realize these benefits (the basics which requires massive customization from a battery of developers who will bolt just as the BETA gets underway):
1. Label your work product on the current system so it's findable in its new home (we don't lock your unfinished masterpieces out of the old house).
2. Delete outdated work (... that has so many children, the birthers will revive ... again!)
3. Please have this completed (started before the next ...
- proposed merger
- version of SharePoint is introduced
- management begins tracking your work here as part of your overall job performance)
Any questions (one still reading)?
-- Your SharePoint Migration Team

IMPORTANT/CONFIDENTIAL:  If you have received this reality communication in error, please notify us immediately by return e-mail and restore the original message announcing our last enterprise system deployment. Thank you.

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