May You Live in Interesting Times

By Steve Weissman posted 07-05-2011 18:04


An old Chinese curse is said to say, “My you live in interesting times!” By my calculation, we already do, but not in the ways you think.

Three weeks ago, I’m talking to a bunch of e-forms VARs to help them understand the broader context into which their offerings fit. This week, I’m mixing it up with consulting services professionals at an erstwhile copier and printer manufacturer regarding the latest best practices for ECM implementation.

Why? Because I live to help make your job as a customer for these and other technologies as easy as it can be – and sometimes I spend time with the other guys so they can serve you better.

See, here’s the thing: the true value of an electronic form, a multifunction printer/copier, or any of the other bits of hardware and software we deal with every day lies in their ability to help you and your people work better, and work better together. Not simply to save you money – though that certainly is important – but to improve your organization’s processes and levels of collaboration.

These twin outcomes are why content, output, and process management are so worth pursuing, and why it’s so important to stay abreast of the latest tips and tricks regarding strategy and implementation (especially if your suppliers don’t). Failing to do so risks making mistakes others have already made – and missing opportunities to leverage knowledge painfully gained at somebody else’s expense. These situations are when your life usually becomes ‘interesting’ – and not always in a good way.

So you see? The ancients were right, and we’re the living proof.

Let me know how it all turns out!

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