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Universal Document Capture

These solutions are: - Universal in Deployment: traditionally, document scanning operations have been centralized to benefit from economies of scale when deploying large and expensive solutions. Distributed Capture has shown promises over the past few years but it was still lacking in usability that prevented deployments in remote locations with lower volumes. Universal Document Capture addresses those challenges by allowing organizations to leverage deployment models that truly fit their strategy but also allow room to scale for their future growth. With Universal Document Capture , organizations can deploy solutions that not only address production scanning but also “true” distributed scanning or even mobile capture

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Is Your SharePoint 2010 Install Sucking Wind?

No idea about Sandbox Solutions | When deploying code in SharePoint, it typically has to be deployed via Windows Solution Packages (WSPs) and then enabled as appropriate at the Site Collection level. Using the Sandbox component, you can “scope” these WSPs so they do not get deployed at the Farm level but instead, they get deployed for a designated Site Collection. Great way to test code before deploying into a much bigger environment

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See how we turn SharePoint into the company information hub @ European SharePoint Conference 4-7 Feb Copenhagen

We show how organizations completely automate the deployment of authored content to diverse platforms, technologies, applications and mobile devices in every required format, structure and language all optimized to ensure the most efficient end-user experience and the greatest organizational flexibility: eBook publisher eManual Engine PDF and PDF/A Conversion for Documents and eMails Enterprise Content Transformation with SaaS #contenttransformation #contentdeployment #publishing #eManuals #ElectronicRecordsManagement #SharePoint #sharepoint

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MOSS to MOSS Resuscitation

In the hard climb to deployment, this is what Shawn Shell calls those three missing top steps on the top floor of our long, huffy haul up a flight of SharePoint stairs...more than reality (here's how you configure and deploy). That's understandable

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What's on the top of your list for 2013 Priorities?

The trend forward is interesting with a clear emphasis on managing migration, protection of sensitive information, and the automatic declaration of documents of records with 53% of companies looking to deploy solutions for migration, 51% for sensitive information and data privacy, 27% for records identification, 20% for eDiscovery & FOIA and only 16% for text analytics. In looking at our clients, 33% have actually deployed the technology for migration, 29% for sensitive information and data privacy, 25% for records identification, 23% for text analytics, and 21% for eDiscovery and FOIA

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Empowering End Users via Automation

You’ve got your Microsoft SharePoint deployment up and running, and your SharePoint Admins have spent countless hours tidying things up to ensure your infrastructure architecture is under control

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Fixed vs. Dynamic Content: Lifecycle Management

But as more organizations deploy social business applications and seek to manage content contributed to internal blogs and wikis, there is an increasing need for lifecycle management of dynamic content

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"Content in the Cloud" Industry Watch report - discussion site

For example, do you agree that it's only a matter of 3 or 4 years before cloud becomes the de-facto deployment mechanism for most enterprise applications - including content and records management?

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SharePoint Upgrades -- Blueprints Anybody?

I have a piece out this week in KMWorld where I interview John Mongell , an IT consultant with Boston-based RSM McGladrey and well acquainted with the initial tire-kicking and eventual blocking/tackling connected to SharePoint deployments

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