What's on the top of your list for 2013 Priorities?

By Cate Evans posted 02-07-2013 07:57

We recently completed a survey on the key priorities for executives in 2013 as it relates to any application that requires the use of metadata. The respondents included our clients as well as the broader marketplace. The survey focused on the use of what we call ‘intelligent metadata enabled solutions’. Concept Searching’s Smart Content Framework™, which is supported by automatic semantic metadata tagging, auto-classification, and taxonomy management technologies can be readily extended to not only improve search, but records management, data privacy, migration, and text analytics. The results in some cases surprised us, and others were to be expected.

In the broader marketplace, all respondents indicated improving search was their top priority. Not surprising. The trend forward is interesting with a clear emphasis on managing migration, protection of sensitive information, and the automatic declaration of documents of records with 53% of companies looking to deploy solutions for migration, 51% for sensitive information and data privacy, 27% for records identification, 20% for eDiscovery & FOIA and only 16% for text analytics.

In looking at our clients, 33% have actually deployed the technology for migration, 29% for sensitive information and data privacy, 25% for records identification, 23% for text analytics, and 21% for eDiscovery and FOIA. For all clients, the technology is also being used to improve search, either using Concept Searching’s conceptSearch product or through integration with any search engine such as SharePoint, SOLR, Google Appliance, and the former Microsoft FAST products.

I would be interested in knowing if these results are priorities for your organization and if so, what would be a must have or a nice to have?

The survey results and more about intelligent metadata enabled solutions can be accessed here

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