"Content in the Cloud" Industry Watch report - discussion site

By Doug Miles posted 10-08-2012 12:15


Our latest Industry Watch report is published today called "Managing Content in the Cloud - making the decision." It can be downloaded from here.

I'd like to make this blog spot a discusion point for the report. So if having read it you would like to post a viewpoint - agree or disagree - then please do so. For example, do you agree that it's only a matter of 3 or 4 years before cloud becomes the de-facto deployment mechanism for most enterprise applications - including content and records management? Do you feel that cloud file-sharing and ad-hoc colaboration services are creating a new Wild West of uncontrolled repositories and major security risks? And in your organization, are business managers and users running ahead of IT's ability to keep up - particulalry with SaaS apps and content synchronization on BYOD mobiles and tablets?

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10-10-2012 18:47

Interesting question. I would argue to the bitter end that Cloud has existed since servers have. It's an infrastructure term and does not really say anything about what you are doing. And Mobile is a front-end to Cloud and useless without it. in Cloud ECM Mobile is necessary for consumption and capture. I actually would argue that nothing has changed. We still need to talk about planning, governance, metadata models, security, compliance. It's no longer a question of Cloud or not really. Any company using virtualization has a cloud, and there is little excuse for not even doing that. So it's just another medium that is almost assumed.

10-09-2012 07:32

I'm curious what readers think about the relationship between cloud and mobile. Which came first? Is one more important than the other in terms of enabling this new way of computing?