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ECM = Enterprise CHANGE Management

In dem Maße wie sich ECM Enterprise Content Management in Richtung EIM Enterprise Information Management weiterentwickelt, kann man zukünftig das Akronym ECM für Enterprise Change Management verwenden. Letztlich geht es auch bei der Einführung von Enterprise Content Management um die Herbeiführung von Veränderungen, um Change Management

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The Need for Change Management

What would software development be without change management? The two are inseparable...What is change management? When people talk about change management in high-tech, they are usually referring to the tools that manage source code

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ECM = Enterprise Culture Management: The GCC Analogy

However, most of these originate from developed Western nations where the social culture is generally homogeneous while possibly being punctured by organizational culture set by different management styles. When I first ventured into ECM projects in the GCC , I was driven by the theory of project management from the “West”, borrowing plenty from the PMP and Prince2 schools of thought

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ECM and Records Management System Design Issues Impacting End-User Change

It is well known that the primary reason ECM and records management implementations fail is because of change management issues. This seems to happen even if a significant change management effort is made - but why?

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Connect business problem analysis to change management by leaving no people behind

One of the more intriguing lines of inquiry at a recent meeting of the AIIM New England Chapter had to do with my assertion that there is a connection between analyzing your business problems and engaging in change management

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