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Web Content Management (WCM) Deep-Dive in SharePoint 2013 & Office 365

Creating a new Publishing Site in Office 365’s SharePoint Online A ll the Publishing sites contain a “404 \ Not Found” page named “PageNotFoundError .aspx” which resides in the Pages library, as shown in image below, which you can find by clicking on Site Contents

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Welcome to the club SharePoint (Club ECM)

It was about six months ago when a friend of mine from Microsoft told me a story where he had been in a room with all of the established ECM solution vendors as well as some of the newer Cloud file-sharing vendors

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Have We Hit the Era of Peak Apps? Rethinking the Mobile First Imperative with HTML5 and Responsive Design

Last week I had the opportunity to participate in CMSExpo – a conference that brings together web developers, designers, content strategists and project managers. These information professionals represented organizations ranging from huge US Federal agencies to small boutique consulting shops and a range of universities, non-profits, regulated industries in between

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Content Decision Fatigue

If something of value is in short supply you will tend to conserve it...The more you make decisions, the less capacity you have to make additional ones in a given period

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From HTML pages to WCMs

When I was still an engineering student (at EPFL , not far from CERN where the web was born), back in 1993, I was very interested in a computer network I was hearing a lot about: the Internet. At the time Tim Berners Lee 's work was still not published and clearly in its infancy, but there was already a lot of activity in school networks, particularly around IRC, the Internet Relay Chat systems as well as in Usenet newsgroups

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Introduction and first WEMI face to face meeting

Nowadays I'm really interested in analyzing and contributing to the world of social, web and mobile technologies. Of course in my line of work I touch pretty much to everything that goes through an HTTP protocol, so at times I might talk about more varied topics

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