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SharePoint 2013 Migration

In fact the migration of a simple SharePoint installation should be pretty straight forward but in the case where there have been customizations been made to the SharePoint applications which is more often than not the case then a customized SharePoint migration solution needs to be implemented

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Migration Options for SharePoint 2013: Consider Your Options Carefully

Use a Migration Solution If you happen to be in one of those camps where you either have a real messy SharePoint data environment or you want to move from an older version of SharePoint, then using a migration tool may be your best option. Migration tools can allow you to clean your content as you move it over

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A very valuable review as we head towards SharePoint 2013

Thank-you once again AIIM for your effort and accuracy in helping the broader world of information managers see the Big Picture around SharePoint. Of course this thanks is directed towards David Jones and team for the AIIM survey: The SharePoint Puzzle , just recently published. Although...

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On-Premise vs. Hosted SharePoint Consulting

Microsoft SharePoint is a Web Application platform. It is highly popular amongst businesses, small and big. The use of SharePoint has increased in recent times. As more businesses opt for SharePoint as a solution to their business issues more people are faced with the question as to whether...

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SharePoint: A Point of Confusion

Those looking to use SharePoint in a successful way must also include as part of their overall program: Information governance structure and responsibilities Corporate instruments like taxonomies and metadata and security models Enterprise strategies and technologies for managing content using SharePoint Existing or additional technologies and solutions for Document Management, Imaging, Electronic Records Management, Web Content Management, Workflow, and Collaboration Integration techniques and migration In my view, SharePoint is one of those product sets which serves as a platform upon which you can build your enterprise content management environment but this requires more than the technology available through SharePoint

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SharePoint Integration and The Seven Deadly Challenges

It must include data migration and transformation functionality and the ability to work concurrently with multiple databases

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