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So you have a very good and well established SharePoint application and all is going well but it is now 2013 and Microsoft have done again; they have gone out and release yet another version of Microsoft SharePoint which is SharePoint 2013. And now you feel the need to migrate your data to the new version of SharePoint then you need to look no further to obtain more information Because that is what this article is all about. This article aims to help you through your indecision on whether to migrate or not at the same time it is also help full to in making you aware of the several new features now available in SharePoint that you can take advantage off. In fact the migration of a simple SharePoint installation should be pretty straight forward but in the case where there have been customizations been made to the SharePoint applications which is more often than not the case then a customized SharePoint migration solution needs to be implemented. It is important to maintain the integrity of the database in all cases though.


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Microsoft has released a new version of SharePoint which is SharePoint 2013 and as one may expect it has a plethora of new features for you this time as well. In addition to that it has also improved on the existing features thus make it the new version quite an attractive option for many new SharePoint Applications and even tempting the existing Microsoft SharePoint application users to migrate their data to the new version of SharePoint. Some of the new and improved features released in SharePoint 2013 include Machine Translation Service, Power Point Automation Service, User Profile Service,  Work management Service,  Office Web Apps,  App Management Service, Improved Rendering performance, request management, shredded storage. Microsoft has gone all out with this new version of SharePoint and included many features in this version. Thus it is not possible to mention all the new features here because the list is simply endless. But the ones mentioned above should give you a rough idea that Microsoft have release some thing bigger and better.

It is important to understand that setting up shop with the new Microsoft SharePoint 2013 from scratch if you already have a well established SharePoint solution would mean losing all your existing data and applications. Thus it is a good idea to go for Microsoft SharePoint 2013 however migration can provide a better solution thus maintaining your current database. The database can be quite big and collected over several years thus is something you do now want to lose. But you can rest assured that a simple migration is a better solution and there are even several tools available to do that.  However this can get complicated if there are Sharepoint customizations involved which are often also called web apps.

By this time migrating to SharePoint 2013 might seem a good idea to capitalize on the new features that it has to offer. The next step is to actually perform the migration and many administrators often take it upon themselves to figure out this task. Do not be mistaken the migration is a simple process and easy to follow. But even though SharePoint is a very user friendly software and used by non technical people the migration is task best left to the experts.  is a SharePoint solution provider that can help you migrate your application.

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The nice part of migrating SharePoint is also the fact that your existing SharePoint environment will be transformed in to the new environment.  Though it is necessary to know your current Sharepoint application and provide detailed information about it to the technical person actually performing the migration. Once the migration is complete it will prove fruitful with all the new features which can easily be explained by the experienced Sharepoint Consultant.


Microsoft has released yet another version of its popular software SharePoint. They have released Microsoft Sharepoint 2013. If you think this is a minor release which can be ignored and that you can continue using the existing version then you may be mistaken. You can continue using your existing SharePoint application however SharePoint 2013 has a long list of new features to offer and they have even made some improvements over the previous version. Usually the first though that comes to the mind of an administrator is how do I migrate my existing Sharepoint Application. The answer is quite simple actually, there are many tools available to help you migrate your database. And even if the existing SharePoint has customizations it can still be migrated into the newer version. This does not mean you need to migrate the data all by yourself. In fact it would be advisable to leave it to the professionals.

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