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SharePoint 2013 and/or Office 365 Upgrade: Does your Information Architecture Align with Your IT Roadmap?

Ensuring Your System & Information Archiecture Architecture Strategy Aligns with Your SharePoint Roadmap When an organization is near the point of kicking off and performing a upgrade and/or migration initative to SharePoint 2013 and/or Office 365 , it is key to ensure core...

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Man v. cloud: 3 tips for migrating ECM to the cloud

I love Man v. Food! The concept of some poor bloke pitting himself against the biggest, tastiest, spiciest foodstuffs that the United States of America can throw at him has an unending appeal for me. Sometimes he wins, sometimes he loses. But he almost always get sick trying. ...

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Sweating the Small Stuff

I have now been employed over the last two decades as a manager of knowledge on behalf of Peter Drucker's legion of postindustrial knowledge workers: the folks who are paid according to how well they extract dollars from the purse strings of an information-based economy. Nothing remarkable...

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Migration to SharePoint 2013: business and IT factors to consider

Many companies and organizationsconsider migrating to SharePoint 2013 from their current 2010 or 2007 environment. Or better, they now that the transition is inevitable…, but what are the consequences? Answering this question requires insight in all areas impacted by the SharePoint...

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Protecting Your Legacy Data in the Great Migration to the Cloud

This is a guest post by Dana Simberkoff, Vice President, Risk Management & Compliance, AvePoint . For most organizations worldwide, it’s no longer a matter of “if” they will move to the cloud but rather “what” they will put in the cloud. Keeping...

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What’s the biggest challenge in Office 365? Just getting there.

By on October 4, 2013 Many companies are jumping on the Office 365 bandwagon as it makes a compelling value proposition to save money and provide ubiquitous access for end users regardless of where they reside. Most often heard problem?...

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The top 5 hosting myths debunked

Picture this: You’ve just landed a job as a system administrator in a small business with a promising future. So far so good, right? Not so fast. As the company’s go-to guy for all things IT, you’re faced with the biggest challenge of your career, which is to pick up the pieces...

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SharePoint 2013 Migration

So you have a very good and well established SharePoint application and all is going well but it is now 2013 and Microsoft have done again; they have gone out and release yet another version of Microsoft SharePoint which is SharePoint 2013. And now you feel the need to migrate your data to the...

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On-Premise vs. Hosted SharePoint Consulting

Microsoft SharePoint is a Web Application platform. It is highly popular amongst businesses, small and big. The use of SharePoint has increased in recent times. As more businesses opt for SharePoint as a solution to their business issues more people are faced with the question as to whether...

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