What’s the biggest challenge in Office 365? Just getting there.

By Cate Evans posted 10-07-2013 12:01


Many companies are jumping on the Office 365 bandwagon as it makes a compelling value proposition to save money and provide ubiquitous access for end users regardless of where they reside. Most often heard problem? Migration.

Migration projects can bring shudders to IT teams. There are several migration applications on the market but migration is usually accomplished with tools that provide bulk migration. In mass moving content – what are the repercussions? The effectiveness of search, moving unidentified security exposures, duplicate documents, documents that should be deleted and opening the flood gates for non-compliance issues.

A more effective approach is to clean up your content before you migrate. We have many clients who use our technologies for migration, sometimes in tandem with a migration application. But the real value is the other side – a comprehensive information governance framework to manage content regardless of where it resides.

Do you view unstructured and semi-structured migration activities as an integral part of your information governance plan?

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