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A very valuable review as we head towards SharePoint 2013

Thank-you once again AIIM for your effort and accuracy in helping the broader world of information managers see the Big Picture around SharePoint. Of course this thanks is directed towards David Jones and team for the AIIM survey: The SharePoint Puzzle , just recently published. Although this...

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CMIS, A Standard Whose Time has Come

support? Do they plan to do so if they haven...’t? If they don’t plan to do so...their platform and collect money? Plan for...New Development : Planning on new

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90% Migrate to SharePoint 2010

users plan on migrating to the new...immediately, with the remaining 59% planning to

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Migration Options for SharePoint 2013: Consider Your Options Carefully

metadata. For those who have carefully planned...majority that didn’t plan appropriately...collections and sites based on a new plan. In...attention. But the plan to upgrade must be

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