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CMIS, A Standard Whose Time has Come

Do they plan to do so if they haven’t? If they don’t plan to do so, do they care about your business problems or do they just want to lock you into their platform and collect money? Plan for New Development : Planning on new integrations?

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90% Migrate to SharePoint 2010

90% of current Microsoft SharePoint users plan on migrating to the new SharePoint 2010, shows a survey recently completed by Metalogix Software. The survey, the results of which were announced earlier this month, indicates that among those making the switch, 41% will begin this process almost immediately, with the remaining 59% planning to begin their migration projects sometime between now and the end of 2011

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Migration Options for SharePoint 2013: Consider Your Options Carefully

For those who have carefully planned and managed their SharePoint 2010 environment, this will not be a problem. But it’s more likely you find yourself in the majority that didn’t plan appropriately, allowed divisions/departments to do whatever they wanted and as a result, your SharePoint implementation is simply a mess

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New to the AIIM Expert Community

As the newest member (for now) of the AIIM expert community, I thought I’d introduce myself and share some of my technology and business background to give readers a good perspective of the topics I plan to cover, and (hopefully) to elicit some feedback and input from the community

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Sweating the Small Stuff

But when you're mining your own organizational histories, the resulting metadata is not just an act of preservation but of planning ahead around account records otherwise lost or buried in the systems we’re migrating to

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You Can See the Forest through the Trees

If we did not take the time to “plan” the migration of our data, the “next generation of users” coming may change things to meet their needs, unknowingly, creating a rift in the data

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SharePoint 2013 and/or Office 365 Upgrade: Does your Information Architecture Align with Your IT Roadmap?

Scalability in SharePoint 2013’s design and planning for the future will save your organization an incredible amount of budget as well as the intangle price that comes with achieving user buy-in and a overall satisfied user base that utalizes the tools and features for which are being providing to them

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Proselyte, or How I Learned to Manage SharePoint Debt

Sterling tells us that agile teams are asked to think more broadly than in terms of a single component or application when planning, implementing, and testing software features—this includes any integration with external applications

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