90% Migrate to SharePoint 2010

By Matthew Forcey posted 08-19-2010 17:56


90% of current Microsoft SharePoint users plan on migrating to the new SharePoint 2010, shows a survey recently completed by Metalogix Software. The survey, the results of which were announced earlier this month, indicates that among those making the switch, 41% will begin this process almost immediately, with the remaining 59% planning to begin their migration projects sometime between now and the end of 2011.

Rasool Rayani, Co-Founder and Director of Metalogix expressed, “With the release of SharePoint 2010, there has been growing interest in the major new features for social computing, PowerShell support, ribbon UI, etc. Many SharePoint professionals are eager to provide these capabilities to their users and organizations”.

Currently, Microsoft and its partners are supporting 100 million SharePoint users in over 17,000 companies.

Qualitative research by Microsoft of current SharePoint customers, during the second half of 2007, generated the following feedback:

•  "Make adoption easier with a first-class user experience across PC, browser, and phone"

•  "Invest in even more application functionality and out-of-the-box integration"

•  "Greater extensibility and interoperability through familiar tools and integration with line-of-business data"

•  "Continue investing in IT and Developer manageability and application lifecycle management"

So, for those involved with migrating existing SharePoint systems, what are your thoughts on Metalogix's numbers?  Are you one of the 90%?

Also, how do you think Microsoft has done with SharePoint 2010 in addressing the customer feedback received during their product evaluation study in 2007?

To see more on how Microsoft is positioning SharePoint 2010 and how they might be addressing the aforementioned user feedback, check out this new PowerPoint deck from Microsoft's SharePoint Team.

See the download link for "What's New in SharePoint 2010" at:

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