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My 2014 predictions

I guess it’s that time. I have never been one to dust off my crystal ball for an annual look-see, but this time, for these issues, I think I’m safe. In 2014: Big Data will benefit large organizations behind the scenes but will still not have much impact on the rest of us. It...

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What I learned about content from music festivals

Summer is the time of outdoor music festivals, which used to mostly be about gatherings that are organized around musicians and drinks, disconnecting from the harsh realities of day to day life. But modern festivals have evolved with new technologies, and nowadays they also generate lots of buzz...

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What Dana Carvey Teaches Us About Information Governance

Often when people think about the essentials of information governance they think about things like retention schedules, disposition instructions, taxonomies, transfer of custody protocols, etc. Those are all fine and dandy and will help an information governance program to be in compliance. ...

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My Personal Guide to Twitter or When It's OK to Talk About Mankinis

Mankinis really do enter into this; be patient. I’ve been active on Twitter for 4 or so years now. Initially using my own account for work ( @bduhon ) then creating an AIIM account to represent the AIIM Community (initially @AIIMcommunity until I realized I could save a few...

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What people are looking for in a CMS/WCM solution today - Changing world of WCM/ CMS solutions!

I am seeing a change in the way CMS solutions are being conceptualized and are being implemented. Some of the key observations from my experiences with customers, partners and consumers: CIO (IT) and CMO (Marketing) organizations are conceptualizing the needs (not necessarily the...

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Communication Without Litigation, an AIIM 2013 Preview

Okay, so your organization has incorporated retention rules against e-mails based on the content that each contains. You now retain them in a secure and well managed archive where you can retrieve them should you can go through an audit or get sued and efficiently find and produce what is...

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Non-Records Books for Records Managers: “Glock: the Rise of America’s Gun”

Mr. Bryant Duhon and I have begun an informal list of non-records books for records managers. The scope is indeterminate at this time (translation: we have a lot of freedom). To inaugurate the book club, I chose Paul M. Barrett’s “Glock: The Rise of America's Gun”....

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Contextual Collaboration - The Challenges and How HCL Can Help

A Google search on the term “collaboration” fetches about 275 million results today. Its popularity notwithstanding, the term has been one of the hardest to define. One of the commonest definitions of “collaboration” is that “it is a journey in which two or more...

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