Communication Without Litigation, an AIIM 2013 Preview

By Priscilla Emery posted 12-12-2012 10:24


Okay, so your organization has incorporated retention rules against e-mails based on the content that each contains. You now retain them in a secure and well managed archive where you can retrieve them should you can go through an audit or get sued and efficiently find and produce what is required. Your company’s e-mail is auditable, discoverable and compliant. You’re golden, right? Not so fast.

If you are in any one of a number of industries where marketing communications are regulated just retaining your e-mail communications are not enough to keep you from getting fined for ignoring CAN-SPAM laws and, if you don’t have a communications governance process in place you may not be doing yourself any favors in terms of ingratiating your company with both clients and prospects.

If your company is creating silos of marketing communications based on the delivery mechanism it is using for those campaigns it could be at risk of getting fined for ignoring anti-spamming or do-not-call regulations. Even worse, inconsistent messaging to your customer and prospect base can dilute the brand, cause confusion and, in the end, negatively impact revenues.

Can you honestly say that all your company’s communications are in sync with each other?

Do your e-mail newsletters go out saying something different than what is posted on the company Facebook page?

Are your Twitter feeds compliant with internal communication policies?

Do you even have a communication policy standard?

Are you confusing your clients and your prospects?

Come sit down with me during AIIM 2013 on Thursday, March 21 at 11:30 in New Orleans. I’ll be moderating a roundtable on these issues: Communication Without Litigation. We can discuss the challenges and best practices in this oft-ignored area and get on the road to coherent and compliant communication.

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