What Dana Carvey Teaches Us About Information Governance

By Jeffrey Lewis posted 07-19-2013 11:00


Often when people think about the essentials of information governance they think about things like retention schedules, disposition instructions, taxonomies, transfer of custody protocols, etc.  Those are all fine and dandy and will help an information governance program to be in compliance. 

An area that we can do better as information governance workers is marketing and in this area I need your assistance.  If I were to market my information governance program I would have two singing bobble head dolls that would communicate the double headed ROI of information governance:
1) Decrease Risk of Indictment
2) Increase Return on Investment. 

To promote decreased risk of indictment I would use a bobble head in the likeness of Dana Carvey’s imitation of George H.W. Bush that says, “Wouldn’t be prudent” and “Not Going To Do It.” To get a good laugh and see what I am talking about you can watch this video of Carvey on Hulu doing his Bush impersonation.  I am at loss for what would signify increase return on investment and am curious if the AIIM has any suggestion or if they have better ideas for the first one.

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